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What We Offer:

We offer a variety of options to fit your photo booth to your specific event needs.
Custom Photo Booth Strips
Our photo booth strips are fully customizable. You can add a logo, change background colors, adjust the number of photos taken, and add additional text to your prints.
Unlimited 2x6 Prints
For no extra cost, we offer unlimited 2x6 photo strip prints for you and your guests. We aim for every guest to walk out with a physical copy of every photo they are in!
Open Booths
Our open booths allow us to fit in a variety of spaces. With our open booth setup, guests can pop in and out, grab props, other guests, and interact with the attendant with ease.
Choose Your Props
We have a variety of prop options for you to choose from for no additional cost! You can choose from specific themes, or have it be a surprise.
Digital Copies
Digital copies of both the photo strips and the individual photos in them are sent to you after the event. You have publishing rights to these photos, so you can use social media to share all the fun and memorable moments with those who couldn't make it!
Custom Backdrops
We have a variety of standard colors and patterns to choose from for your event, but if you need something special we have you covered. You can design a backdrop yourself for us to use, or, for a fee, our designers can create a custom printed backdrop for you as well.


Meet the people who will make your next event amazing!
Sam Larsen
Sam Larsen

Co-founder, Operations Manager

Sam is the guy working hard behind the scenes to make sure your event is properly equipped and staffed. Outside of PicPuffin, he can be found studying psychology, taking photos, or working on other business ventures.

Tahni McGaughy
Tahni McGaughy

Co-founder, Event Manager

Tahni is responsible for making sure your event runs as smooth as possible and your guests are having a good time! In her limited free time, she can be found outside enjoying nature with her dog, or doing homework for her classes.

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