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  • When is an date considered "booked"?
    Our photo booths are available on a first-come, first-served basis. A photo booth is considered booked upon payment of a deposit and a signature on our Terms and Conditions contract. Until both the deposit AND contract are complete, the date is available for booking by another customer. However, we will inform you if another customer is looking to book the same date/time as you. In the event of multiple customers looking to book the same date/time, booking slots are reserved by whoever completes the deposit payment and contract signing first.
  • Will PicPuffin use my images on their website or for advertising? What if I don’t wish for my image to be used?
    Per our terms and conditions, PicPuffin retains the right to use any image(s) for its self-promotion. This includes using image(s) on the website or in advertising. If a client or their guest does not wish for their image to be used, they may contact PicPuffin anytime and request an image not be used, or if it has been used, to remove it from use as soon as possible.
  • How do I book a photo booth for my event?
    Contact us, or use our booking form, if you are interested in booking a PicPuffin photo booth for your event. To contact us, you can use email, call us, or send us a message via our website. To help us assist you sooner, please include as much event information as you have available. A PicPuffin representative will then provide you with the availability of the date you requested, as well as an estimate of the costs if duration information is provided. If you're happy with the estimate and we are available on your event date, the PicPuffin representative will then set up a date/time to have a phone call with you to go over your event details, discuss customization options, and deposit/payment amounts.
  • What is required of me as the event host or planner?
    We allow you to be as hands-off or as involved as you would like. The minimum involvement we need from you after booking includes (1) approving our photo strip and backdrop designs for your event, and (2) deciding the location of the photo booth at the event.
  • What is the difference between a tripod booth and a light-up booth?
    A tripod booth consists of a camera on a tripod, lights, and a printer. This option is excellent for an event with little space. Since the printer, computer, and camera can be placed separately from the camera, this option is perfect for unique room layouts. A light-up booth takes up a bit more space, but all components are contained in a single unit, with bright, colorful lights to draw in guests at an event. This option provides a sleek look for professional events.
  • How big of an area is needed for the photo booth setup?
    We request a space at least 10ft x 10ft for our light-up booth, with more space being preferred, especially for larger events. Our tripod booth is more flexible, and at a minimum can operate in a 7ft x 7ft space, although booth components can be spread out as the space requires.
  • Where is the best place to put the photo booth at my event?
    We request that your location at minimum have access to an electrical outlet within 50ft of the photo booth setup. Also, due to the beautiful decorative nature of our photo booth and customized backdrop, many event hosts find our location is best in a very central, visible area. This ensures that as many guests as possible know about the booth and can come and enjoy it!
  • What if I have my own event theme? Can PicPuffin match my colors and decorations?
    Yes! We love working with our event hosts and planners to design the perfect backdrop, banner, decorations, and photo strip design to fit your event. You may be as involved as you would like in the design process, from designing the items yourself to giving a quick stamp of approval, and everywhere in between.
  • How much can I customize my backdrop/props?
    PicPuffin offers a variety of basic backdrops to chose from for all events. Fun backdrops are included in photo booth services! Check PicPuffin’s website for photos of available backdrops for easy, hassle-free selection for busy party planners. PicPuffin also has the capability to custom create any backdrop requested by the client! Fees may apply depending on complexity of requested design. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly for backdrop questions. PicPuffin is dedicated to creating long lasting for you and your friends!
  • Can we choose or requests props?
    Yes! You are welcome to request props or chose your props. A PicPuffin representative will work with you to choose your props, backdrop, etc.
  • Am I able to customize my photo strip?
    Yes! All photo strips are customizable to your event! A PicPuffin representative will work with you to finalize all details for your event
  • How much is a custom backdrop?
    If the client requests a custom backdrop that PicPuffin cannot re-use for future events or requests a special backdrop/prop that exceeds average backdrop costs, the client will be charged. For example, if the client would like a custom printed backdrop with their names, faces, etc. The client will be charged for the expenses to produce those items. In such cases, the client will also be able to keep all custom items. For custom backdrop requests that are re-usable for other events, a discounted price will be given. Be sure to let your PicPuffin representative know you're looking for a custom backdrop so they can send you a quote and examples!
  • What if I want to add another hour at the event?
    Sometimes customers and their guests don't want the fun with us to end, and we totally understand! If you would like an additional hour, please let your attendant know, and they will contact their manager to authorize an extra hour of your photo booth service. However, we also value the time and energy of our hardworking attendants. If an attendant has a schedule conflict that requires them to be off at the time originally agreed upon, we may deny the request for an additional hour. You will be sent an additional invoice after your event to pay for the extra hour at the base rate for the booth you booked. There are no additional fees for adding an hour to the event duration.
  • What are fees, if any, are added to the base per hour price?
    PicPuffin charges a base per hour price to run the photo booth. A client should expect to also pay applicable WA state sales tax that averages about 10% of the total per hour price.
  • Does PicPuffin offer any deals or specials?
    PicPuffin does offer deals and specials! Check our website for any current specials or contact us for any specials or deals currently being offered.
  • Do you provide charity or pro bono photo booth sessions?
    Yes! We love getting involved in our community and doing our part. If you'd like to discuss an event with our team, email or call us!
  • Am I required to tip the photo booth attendants at the event?
    Tipping photo booth attendants at events is not required. You may decide to tip at your own discretion.
  • What is the cancellation/refund policy?
    When a Client postpones or cancels an event, the Client will pay all expenses incurred by PicPuffin up to the time of postponement or cancellation, plus all fees for any subcontractors booked for the assignment, and: (a) Fifty percent (50%) of deposit and any fees incurred by PicPuffin for postponement, or cancellation, less than twenty-four hours from the scheduled time, or (b) FULL deposit and any fees incurred by PicPuffin for postponement, or cancellation, after PicPuffin has departed for the location.
  • How much is a PicPuffin photo booth?
    PicPuffin offers two different photo booth options, a tripod booth at $100 an hour and a light-up booth at $150 an hour.
  • Do I have to pay for set-up/tear-down time?
    No. You only pay for hours during which our photo booth is fully running. For instance, if you order 3 hours, we will include an extra 1-2 hours free or charge for set-up and tear-down.
  • How much time does setup take?
    PicPuffin requests 30-60 minutes for setup.
  • How many attendants will be at my event?
    Depending on the size and requirements of the event, our photo booths are typically run by 1-2 PicPuffin attendants.
  • I lost my photo strip(s), can I get a reprinted strip?
    Yes! We can reprint any photo strip taken at an event. PicPuffin offers unlimited photo strips at all events.
  • Can I tag PicPuffin in social media posts?
    Yes! Feel free to tag @PicPuffin in any of your social media posts.
  • How may my guests and I use the photos taken by PicPuffin at an event?
    PicPuffin grants its clients and their guests a personal-use license, which allows them to: - Download and copy the images taken at the event to their personal devices. - Display the images on personal websites and computers. - Make print copies of digital images. However, clients and their guests are subject to the following restrictions: - The images may not be used in any way in which a client or their guests charge money, collect fees, or receive any other form of remuneration. - The images may not be resold, re-licensed, or sub-licensed. - The images may not be used in a logo, corporate identity, trademark, or service mark.
  • Do we have access to the photos after the event?
    Yes! Soon after the event, we will share with you a unique link to all of your photo booth images. These include individual photos as well as full photo strips.
  • I am a business that hired PicPuffin for a corporate event; how may I use the images taken by PicPuffin?
    PicPuffin grants a limited commercial-use license which allows for businesses to display the images on their corporate websites and computers and use the images in advertising. However, businesses are subject to the same restrictions as the personal use license: - The images may not be used in any way in which a client or their guests charge money, collect fees, or receive any other form of remuneration. - The images may not be resold, re-licensed, or sub-licensed. - The images may not be used in a logo, corporate identity, trademark, or service mark
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